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Файл: 130228349428.jpg-(58.89KB, 453x686, 1300651625774.jpg)
4240 No. 4240 watch    
Cany nayone help me with installing countryballs? I will give MSN or AIM and I can pay with paypal.
>> No. 4241    
>cis-related chan
>> No. 4242    
Yeah, paypal doesn't allow transfer money to Russia accounts.

About flags here: it's not plugin or something like this, it dirty hack to old Kusaba code. No way to say what do in your situation untill you give some details.
>> No. 4243    

Here is my problem.


I have it outputting perfect (the countrycodes and country names) but this bullshit:
$post['subject'] = "<table border="0"><tr><td><img src="" . KU_WEBPATH . "/css/images/cb/" . $countryid . ".png" title="" . $countryname . ""></td><td>" . $post['subject'] . "</td></tr></table>"; }

Won't print to my chan?
>> No. 4244    
Country code is in lowercase, iirc, like 'ru'.
>> No. 4246    
Already tried changing everything to LC and that didn't fix anything. Please post your module ITT?
>> No. 4250    
What is in $countryid? Do you test it on your local machine? If yes, do you know what GeoIP doesn't work with private ip?

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