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41928 No. 41928 watch    
Здравствуйте, это мой первый пост здесь, в 410chan. Я думал, это будет правильное место, чтобы спросить. Видите ли, я ищу "карманный справочник" по России законом. Это должно быть книга со всеми Россию права. Таким образом, любой шанс один из вас прекрасный джентльмен такой файл?

Кроме того, я не говорю ни слова по России, и я использую Google Translate, чтобы отправить это сообщение. Вы можете ответить в России, и я буду переводить его обратно.

Кроме того, если я отправляю в неправильном борту пожалуйста, дайте мне знать.
>> No. 41929    
There is no such a book, that can include russian laws in a pocket format. There are, at least, "Конституция Российской Федерации", "Гражданский кодекс", "Уголовный кодекс" and so on and on. It will be better if you tell us what you really need to learn about russian law.
You can talk English, because google can go really wrong with translation.
>> No. 41931    
It doesn't need to be pocket format. A pdf file of 200Mb would be very welcome.

I was particularly interested in weapon laws: which kinds of weapon one would be able to buy, which kind of ammo is allowed, ... stuff like that.
>> No. 41933    
>which kinds of weapon one would be able to buy
Only hunters may obtain weapon(for hunting, so no handgun, automatic or smth)
Some exceptions for police and army, of course.
And some self-defence stuff like shockers, rubber bullet weapon, sprays.
>> No. 41934    
> Only hunters
Actually i don't recall about only. But in any way, get hunting license is pretty easy. And if you had a shotgun for five years, you may get a rifle (it's about barrel types)ю
>> No. 41936    
Guess I got my info wrong. I thought weapons (as in semi-auto 9mm or 10mm) were easily obtained there. I had the idea that you could just walk into a gun store, pay the guy and walk out with the gun.

Thanks for the clarification anyways.
>> No. 41937    
Строгость российских законов компенсируется необязательностью их исполнения, dude.
>> No. 41939    
There are many issues in case of weapon obtain. You need to be approved by psychiatric clinic (dispensary), you need to prove to the government that you have weapon safe, mounted in a wall, you need to have your criminal, armed forces, tax files clear. After all you can obtain license for hunter's smoothbore gun. Barrel crop is prohibited and surely will be prosecuted.

There are many discussions about legalizing of pistols, revolvers and any guns with short barrel, usually used to defense, but no way that it will be legalized by the government soon.

As was said, after 5 year of standard license, you can obtain a license for threaded gun and buy hunters' analogue of AK-47, called Saiga.
>> No. 42002    
>I had the idea that you could just walk into a gun store, pay the guy and walk out with the gun.
You certainly could do that, but that would be illegal.
>> No. 42005    
Stores will not sell you gun so easy, especialy handgun cus they have no.
>> No. 42020    
Okay, "vendors"

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